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Founded in 2007, Gerard Escaler and two co-founders created Lyrium to catalyze change where it is most needed. In addition to providing venture capital, we help companies solve their management problems in service of a greater good -- one worthy of who we are as a company. We leverage the capital, resources, and networks we establish to help solve some of the world’s most pressing development challenges, as set out by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Through our work as a for-profit company, we seek to build upon our connections and goodwill and harness the collective determination, purpose, focused creativity, and intellectual rigor from the private sector into the SDG problem-solving process. By applying our unique blend of innovation, strategy, due diligence, and analytics, we not only help companies achieve their strategic objectives, we are also blazing our path toward our future. We seek out like-minded organizations and partner with them to enhance corporate citizenship in the communities where they operate. Concurrently, we allocate a portion of our profits to catalyze social change and enable marginalized communities in developing markets.


We fulfill our mission by delivering our experience, capabilities and insights to our multinational clients, SDG-driven startups, social ventures, and non-profit organizations through advisory services, learning and development, coaching and mentoring, enabling them to operate more efficiently and generate greater impact for their stakeholders. Concurrently, since 2008, we have also invested a portion of our profits in a microfinance portfolio that spans over 150 micro-entrepreneurs in over 55 countries.  

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To those who have worked with us, Lyrium is synonymous with progressive change. “Lyrium” (pronounced “lear-i-um”) is a hybrid between “Lyra”, a constellation with one of the brightest stars, and “lithium”, the lightest elemental metal used in chemical synthesis. Our ripple effect logo represents a dynamic acceleration towards a new destination.


Our team here at Lyrium draws talent, across industry sectors, from functional specialists with substantive experience in investment banking, venture capital, consulting, marketing, design, product development, finance, human resources, innovation, communications, and sustainability. We believe in meritocracy and creative abrasion, where the best ideas emerge from dissonant viewpoints and divergent thinking. Our team members are situated in Hong Kong, Manila, and other cities where we are currently expanding our innovation projects.

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