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A global company determined that it needed to better define its brand architecture across its core markets. We began by conducting a gap analysis and exploring their story, values, positioning, and brand messaging. We provoked discussion with customers and stakeholders across several international locations. After establishing common themes, we built consensus around the critical elements and attributes to integrate into the master brand. We infused our insights with customer data, market intelligence, and ideas for competitive differentiation, leading to a re-branding of the company.

Data on a Touch Pad

A global B2B company sought to identify and remediate the key factors behind a recent loss of market share. We conducted extensive end-client insight interviews to gather qualitative and quantitative information across multiple data points. We drafted comprehensive reports to highlight areas of vulnerability and developed a business case for implementation. We helped the client to identify relevant resources internally, and compiled a final summary report of actionable insights and recommended solutions. We then led implementation with cross-functional teams. 

Modern Concrete Architecture

A start-up venture needed design ideas for a series of new products that they were launching. We began with a team exploration of the products to kick-start the ideation process. We hosted blue-sky brainstorming sessions with key stakeholders to determine a design direction, after which we proceeded to iterate ideas for design elements, color, copy and placement. We developed key themes to integrate their brand and core values into the designs of their product portfolio. Following vetting with selected customers, we worked directly with the CEO on the implementation of our recommended solutions. 

Paint Pots and Color Wheel

A global company needed a fresh look to modernize their brand and marketing campaigns in advance of a major industry trade show. As the client was a third-generation company, we began with a full review of their history and founding values. We also examined what themes and elements needed to be retained and which needed to be re-designed. We then developed their digital presence - for their corporate and subsidiary entities - as well as an integrated marketing campaign, that included print and digital, linking back to their new websites. The new designs were implemented and unveiled at the industry trade show.

Drone Camera

A Singapore-based technology company needed help in finalizing their business plan prior to launch. We began with diagnostic questions into the founding team's vision and capabilities. We then conducted supplementary research into market demand and revenue potential, while providing a more robust structure to strengthen their business planning process and expanding areas for consideration throughout strategy development. Our solutions covered business and industry analysis, technology and product development, competition, management capabilities, go-to-market strategy, business model evaluation, revenue forecasting, and capital raising. We collaborated with the executive team on implementation.

Business Partners at Work

A market-leading company needed to adapt its strategy due to regulatory changes that would reform a protected sector and open it up to competition. We developed a strategic plan designed to foster a culture of innovation, enhance customer experience, strengthen customer loyalty, and improve the competitiveness of portfolio companies. The strategic plan included insights and recommendations, at both the parent and subsidiary levels, on brand positioning, pricing, sales & marketing, customer experience public relations, and sustainability. Our insights were shared with senior leadership for their further implementation. 

Go Team

A global company was looking to expand the capabilities of its Global Corporate HR function. Our team created innovative, first-of-its-kind HR strategies to support the company’s growth objectives and revenue targets. We built out the infrastructure to sustain growth and implemented a framework for the adoption of leading-edge practices throughout the region. We also created targeted Learning & Development plans for the Asia Pacific executive leadership team to align capabilities with core business objectives. 

Communication Tower

A global company was running a legacy marketing technology platform that was being phased out by its technology provider and needed to determine what a successful replacement should look like and how it should function. We gathered detailed data, analytics, and insights into user needs and explored how individual offices would interact with the system from end-to-end. We worked with the company on planning and implementing the transition from current-state to future-state, including user experience, user testing, data migration logistics, training and change management issues, and deployment across its Asia Pacific offices. The project was completed successfully, internal KPIs were achieved, and the new system is currently in use. 

Public Speaker

A global investment bank engaged Lyrium to design a communications framework in advance of announcing branch closures in two locations. We determined the flow of information, employee populations impacted, and possible courses of action. We then developed a structured approach, core messaging, and cascading communications from senior management to direct reports to the affected employees. We developed branded employee kits that outlined their options - to retain their positions and relocate to another office or to work with an outplacement agency provided by the bank. The communications campaign was rolled out successfully and key talent was retained. In addition, our client scored a 91 out of 100 in their voice of the employee survey due to the success of this initiative.

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