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Our strategic partner - F&C CONSULTING GROUP - is a global forensic investigations and compliance consulting firm specializing in creating and strengthening a culture of integrity and a more secure IT environment for organizations operating in emerging markets.

With a mission to raise the culture of integrity in individuals and their organizations to improve society, F&C Consulting focuses on the development and strengthening of corporate governance through the design and implementation of programs including monitoring, auditing, due diligence, expert witness training related to anti-bribery and anti-corruption, FinTech anti-money laundering, data privacy, anti-trust and criminal compliance.

The firm's core services include:

FORENSIC INVESTIGATIONS - Ethics, Compliance, Anti-Fraud, Anti-Theft, and Cybersecurity.

  • COMPLIANCE - Corporate & Regulatory, Policies & Procedures, Auditing & Monitoring, Ethics Line, and Management Systems.

  • THIRD-PARTY RISK MANAGEMENT - Vendor Evaluation, Corporate Intelligence, Contract Compliance, and Auditing & Monitoring.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIAL & GOVERNANCE (ESG) - Gap Assessments & Recommendations, Implementation, ESG Culture, and Auditing & Monitoring.

  • INFORMATION SECURITY - Implementing our proprietary methodology.

  • F&C ACADEMY - Learning & Development, including In-house, Public, e-Learning, Certifications, and Universities Programs. 


To learn more, contact us or please visit

Credits: Video courtesy of Mikhail Nilov.

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