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Marketing Director


Gerard Escaler is the Marketing Director at Lyrium Venture Partners Limited and a Partner at F&C Consulting Group, a global forensic investigations and compliance consulting firm.

He is an experienced, solutions-focused marketing, business development, and communications professional, well-versed in digital transformation, ESG, and change management. Focusing on SMEs and fast-growth, technology ventures, Gerard is a results-driven change agent with experience leading agile digital transformations across organziations and improving UX for customers to increase product and brand engagement.


Gerard is deeply committed to identifying new partnerships and building capacity to cultivate sustainability and financial inclusion on a global scale. He received his training on climate change and sustainability from former US Vice President Al Gore. He currently coaches and mentors volunteers through the Climate Reality Project in advancing sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion. Since 2008, Gerard has continued to build a portfolio of over 170 microfinance loans across 50 countries to help lift underprivileged communities out of poverty. He was also previously a member of the Evian Group at IMD, which is dedicated to building a sustainable global economy.