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Is Your Company Going to Have a Gen-X Retention Problem?

Great article on Gen X insights as it relates to talent strategy. According to Harvard Business Review, Gen X is playing a critical and overlooked role in bridging the digital divide. While Gen X leaders have strong digital leadership capability, they also concurrently excel in traditional leadership skills that are more critical than ever.

Critically, as companies increasingly rely on Gen X without rewarding them with advancement, Gen X is beginning to signal their frustration. Only 58% of Gen X feels that they are advancing within their organization at an acceptable rate, as compared with 65% of Millennials. While Gen X has been loyal up until now, this frustration is approaching a breaking point for Gen X leaders who have advanced to higher-level management roles, with 40% saying they are contemplating leaving to advance their careers.

In brief, companies will need to do more to retain their Gen X population. Those that do not would risk losing their valued employees to other organizations.

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