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Perspectives on Leadership with Gen. Stanley McChrystal (Ret.)

Key takeaways from the Founder Institute's "Future of Leadership" discussion with Four-Star General Stanley McChrystal (Ret.), Founder & CEO of the McChrystal Group, Former Commander of US Special Forces in Afghanistan, and Former Commander of JSOC.

In complex environments where there are many variables that are rapidly changing, outcomes are impossible to predict. To manage teams around this, leaders need to focus on "empowered execution."

1. Leaders need to establish an expectation of action, such that team members are prepared to act on their own initiative.

2. Leaders need to support the information needed for action, including providing the contextual understanding of the organization.

3. Leaders need to determine how to deal effectively with failures. If you punish failure, you remove the ability to learn from it and to share those learnings.

Empowerment is a product of leadership and we need to be intentional on how we lead.

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