Lyrium Venture Partners Limited invests in and partners with innovative, market-disrupting start-up ventures, with a specific focus on Technology, Media and Telecoms companies. We unlock value by identifying companies with strong fundamentals and high-quality management teams that we believe are positioned for rapid growth. We provide long-term capital, strategic insight, global relationships, and operational support that enables them to grow core businesses and pursue new initiatives in alignment with their long-term strategy. 


Beyond our investment, our approach is to strengthen the companies we work with through a transformative impact from the ground up. We obtain a minority stake in the start-ups we partner with and collaborate with entrepreneurs and management teams by complementing their capabilities with our own industry knowledge, investment experience, and operational expertise which includes strategic guidance on our core areas of expertise.

Lyrium is highly selective in the investments we make and, due to our existing commitments to our portfolio companies, we regret that we are unable to accept unsolicited business plans. Below is a selection of companies we have mentored (exclusive of those where a non-disclosure agreement is in place). 


Brokerspaces Business Solutions Inc is a SEC company registered in the Philippines. It’s main business is to engage in the business of selling, marketing, buying, property management, leasing of Real Estate - Residential and Non-Residential.



Goods2Go, is an inventory management and resupply system to help small restaurants manage inventory, save time and money and be assured of deliveries.


Nutricoach is developing a set of applications that will help millions of nutritionists/ dietitians simplify and shorten their whole nutrition care process by over 70% and give them more opportunities to easily help more people anywhere, despite geographic challenges.


ReHatch is an online real estate crowdfunding platform that gives people with investable savings an opportunity to build wealth while providing an alternative source of project capital for real estate developers and project sponsors.

Saber Auto.png

Saber Automotive Technology Solutions, Inc. is car maintenance solutions platform provider, that cater to vehicle owners' preventive maintenance needs.


Sociov is a data-driven, on-demand professional coaching platform made for students, entrepreneurs and professionals.


Splore is an online fitness marketplace helps you find and book a workout or class with a coach. 


Telnovo Communications, Inc was founded in 2013 as a Premier IP communications Provider in the Philippines. Telnovo is a privately held service communications company which offers a broad range of innovative services at very competitive prices. Telnovo's VoIP service provides high call quality voice, quick interconnection time.


Wizher Store app is a simple POS system packed with features specifically for small and medium enterprises. Wizher empowers stores to offer affordable and sustainable digital financial access to their communities.


XalMeds is a registered and licensed online ordering and delivery pharmacy and an FDA licensed pharmaceuticals, food supplements and medical devices importer and wholesaler dedicated to online ordering and quick delivery service.


Zoomstar Technologies is developing a fleet management solutions platform to help public transport companies improve customer loyalty, revenue generation and operational efficiency by providing asset management and data analytics tools on an integrated platform.